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Simmond brings with him years of experience as a coach and a player, he has a proven track record of developing players that continue their career at the collegiate, national team, and professional level. He presently hold a USSF A Licenses. His philosophy is to develop and encourage a creative and attacking style of soccer where he encourages players to engage their speed of thought to execute quickly, incisive transitions that promote collective movement through the thirds. Cultivating an environment that dominates possession which allows players to preplan 1v1 isolation or 2v1 attacking overload situations, where players use their creativity and make decisions that will lead to increased goal scoring opportunities. Simmond has spent the last 10 years working with US Soccer, Academy Clubs and elite players trying to understand how to best create the environment regionally that will provide players with the best opportunity to maximize their potential and compete with players at the top level. Served as Director of Seacoast United Academy for five years, Served as Technical Director for Westchester Academy for two years. During those times in his role as academy director Simmond’s passion for player’s development lead to him taking on Academy head coaching duties at these clubs. Simmond’s elite coaching values consist of these four cornerstones, as he refers to as his “four core foundation values”. Humility- interact with others, seek advice and listen to others including your players. Responsibility- Always plan, execute and review your role. Always present yourself and your work professionally. Respect- Engage others on a day to day basis, show others sincerity. Pride- Take pride in your actions and presentation. In addition to working with elite academy players, Simmond served as a collegiate head coach for six years. He also has over 15 years as a club coach and served as director of club youth soccer for over 10 years. He has been very successful with numerous state cup championships and seven Regional 1 Championship appearances. Simmond not only has an illustrious coaching experience with young players, he has also coached at the PDL, and NPSL level. Simmond served as Director of Minor League Soccer for Seacoast United Maine and New Hampshire, directing five senior teams. During his tenure, the PDL received the national award as the most improved team.



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